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Light Touch Therapies

I love working with natural therapies and have always found them beneficial personally. I have been 

very lucky to work with some passionate, inspirational, pioneering teachers including Meir Schneider, 

Brandon Bays, Alberto Villoldo, Almaas, Donna Eden, Julian Baker.

I am intuitive and enjoy ever deepening understandings of why our bodies and minds respond the way they do. 

I am kind and compassionate and love the work I do.


Often the cause of our symptoms can be located to a stress of some kind be it a physical or emotional one. There are many techniques that can be used to identify and release this stress therefore leading to relief, reduction or disappearance of symptoms.  

Then we can come back into balance and can live life more fully.

My experience over many years has led me to realise the huge benefits of  using a light touch. 

I believe this supports a better response to healing.  

Working lightly provides deep relaxation to both the body and mind and it is from this state the nervous system relaxes and lets go of any tension or trauma and can start to bring itself into balance.


So if you are .......

feeling stressed,        suffering from depression,       low moods, 

have low back pain,       migraines,       hormonal imbalances,

 lacking in confidence,     have shoulder pain 

or want to feel more balanced...

I can help you!


Here's a few suggestions to guide you:

For structural/postural misalignments, back pain, shoulder & neck stiffness - book either 

Bowen Therapy or Emmett Technique sessions

An overall detox of the body's organs and destress of the body -  book a course of Reflexology 

For a mental relaxation - go for Gaia healing or Meditation 

For a luxurious essential oil massage - why not try the AromaTouch technique 

For relaxation and a mind detox  - book a course of Access Bars

If you are not sure what would benefit you, please contact me and we can 

discuss the best way forward.


Bowen Therapy


Emmett Technique


Access Bars


Gaia Healing (Like Reiki)​


Holistic Reflexology

AromaTouch Technique






What my clients are saying:


Tracey is very knowledgeable and skilled with her treatments.

S.W, Berkshire

To book a session or to find out how I can help you, please call me

Tracey : 07718 317335

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