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About Me


Life is movement!

My love of natural therapies (used broadly) came at an early in my life.  I have always been intuitive and in touch with my body and 

so working to understand it and see what happens when you do this or that made complete sense to me. 

Conventional medicine had little to offer me when I was young and in a lot of pain physically and so this led me to explore alternatives. 

I also suffered with severe headaches as a teenager and reflexology was the only thing that helped to reduce the frequency and severity of them. 

I am forever grateful to my somewhat unusual reflexologist ( a man who was retraining after years of working as a builder and roofer!) We had 

many philosophical conversations which led me deeper into the direction of self and spiritual development. 

I then went on to study many therapies and  have been lucky to work with some passionate, inspirational, pioneering teachers including 

Meir Schneider, Brandon Bays, Alberto Villoldo, Almaas, Donna Eden, Julian Baker to name a few .....

I continue to learn and integrate my knowledge and wisdom. 


I believe anything can be helped physically, mentally and emotionally , 

we just have to find the way in.....


What my clients are saying:


Tracey is a natural healer and people person but has also proved to be a good guide and counsellor too. Her holistic approach will benefit people with all sorts of personal issues and health problems.


J.C , Hants




To book a session or to discuss if I can help you, please call me

Tracey : 07718 317335

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