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Gaia Healing

 Gaia Healing is a hands on healing therapy similar to Reiki healing.


Shimara Kumara, a former Reiki Master, is gifted with many psychic abilities. After many years of working with 

Reiki she has been guided to introduce and work with a new vibration of healing energy. 


With the help of her guides, Shimara brought through this new energy and created a healing system for others to use which she has now named "Gaia Healing"


The main difference between the Gaia healing ray and Reiki healing  is that the Gaia Healing  seems to have  a stronger vibration, a stronger energy.


Gaia Healing and Reiki are both wonderful energies with beneficial effects including:


 peace and relaxation, 

more clarity and insight, 

relief from stress and anxiety

relief from aches and pains

supports the body's own healing 


and more......

A session lasts 60 minutes and costs £40


​​Book a treatment now 

Call Tracey on 07718 317335

What my clients are saying

I would just like to say thank you for the emotional and spiritual support

you have given me. You are a wise, inspiring and kind person with an

intuitive approach. Seeing you for the treatments made an enormous

difference to me and I am feeling blessed.


K.P, Surrey

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