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Here are some testimonials from my happy clients 

Tracey has a lovely calm, friendly manner and it was something that I really looked forward to and found the experience holistic, positive and uplifting.


K.P, Surrey

Tracey is a natural healer and people person but has also proved to be a good guide and counsellor too. Her holistic approach will benefit people with all sorts of personal issues and health problems.


J.C, Hants

Tracey is very knowledgeable and skilled with her treatments.


Sally W, Berkshire

At a point of desperation and giving up on ever being without back, hip

and pelvis pain, I went to see Tracey on the recommendation of a friend.

For two years I had been in pain, but when I got to the point where I

could barely sit or lie down, and then could not turn over in bed at all,

I looked to try yet another therapy.

Tracey has quite literally given me back my body!

How a treatment so gentle and subtle could get me back to my old (young!) self is quite beyond belief. Tracey seemed to instinctively know exactly which angle to approach me and my problems, the bones which felt fused together are now mobile and pain free again...I cannot thank her enough....she is amazing!


Jess, Haslemere

I found my Bowen treatments to be of great benefit. Although the movements are subtle, it feels like your whole body has been "rebalanced" The symptoms I had were long standing, but I found the treatment really helped in reducing, if not eliminating them.

I would without hesitation recommend Bowen Therapy


Martin, Farnham

These treatments have benefitted me both physically and spiritually. I continue to feel more positive in my outlook. I really do enjoy the many other aspects of healing that Tracey brings to these to help me get the most out of our sessions. I do believe that she has helped me with a dry eye problem, somehow helping me to create and retain tear fluid in one of my eyes. Just amazing! It has been two weeks since our last treatment and my feet are still tingling


Jan, Fleet

I absolutely love it. Words can't express how I truly feel seeing it and feeling it in my hands. It's truly wonderful including the words you wrote.

(Specially commissioned woven Mesa Cloth)


P.L, Sussex

I would just like to say thank you for the emotional and spiritual support

you have given me. You are a wise, inspiring and kind person with an

intuitive approach. Seeing you for the treatments made an enormous

difference to me and I am feeling blessed.


Karen, Surrey

I love it ...... it's gorgeous. Thank you so much. Your words are very touching too.

(Specially commissioned cloth)


S.C, Hampshire

Tracey has the gift of healing. She is intuitive and is interested in her clients and their welfare and uses whichever gift is appropriate to help her client.

I have benefited from the 6 week reflexology course and feel

so much better and positive and maintain this with an ongoing monthly treatment. I happily recommend Tracey


Sally R, Surrey

The Aromatouch massage was very relaxing. The oils smelt amazing.

I really enjoyed the experience and felt on cloud nine for days after!


C.S, Farnham

I always feel uplifted when I have had a treatment from Tracey. She is a very joyful and knowledgeable about many areas of healing. I highly recommend her


J.B, Surrey

A miracle worker with a generous heart and compassionate soul. Highly recommended for both physical and the spiritual issues.


Rachel, Surrey

From the moment I met Tracey I felt at ease in her presence. She has such a lovely way about her and is so genuine, you feel relaxed even before you've had a treatment.

I had an aromatouch massage - it was heavenly! I fell asleep twice! The touch was so light and the oils were lovely. The aroma and the effect of the oils was so relaxing and not oily at all!

I walked in stressed and walked out feeling rejuvenated and relaxed!

I would highly recommend Tracey as a fantastic and trusted practitioner and I will definitely be having more treatments


Vanessa, Richmond

 I was diagnosed with PTTD (posterior tibial tendon dysfunction),  I had insoles made at hospital. I was getting worse and needed to wear a brace.   A friend introduced me to Tracey.  I am eternally grateful to her.  Not only can I walk as I used to but I no longer need insoles or a brace! Tracey has worked miracles.  I was due to have surgery on my feet to resolve the pain but no longer need too. I also feel so much better in myself and am more able to cope with life issues.


Olivia, Haslemere

I had been suffering with various levels of discomfort to my lower back and right leg, I tried the chiropractic route, unfortunately to no relief.

I was chatting to a friend, who had suffered a similar problem.

He recommended I try Tracey and the Bowen therapy . I have to say I was amazed. After my first session, the pain to my lower back had all but gone. I booked another session for the following week.

The results after just two sessions were no back pain, no leg pain. I was and still am very grateful to Tracey’s professional approach . Her clear explanations and advice have helped me no end. I decided on one further session, which has left me completely pain free. I cannot recommend this treatment strongly enough.



Tony, Surrey


Linda, Farnham


Olivia, Haslemere

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